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Intructions and settings to use SIS IT services

These instructions applies only to services offered by school of information sciences. Information about university wide services can found from university's IT services homepages. There is also additional instruction page for staff of SIS.


There are two different types of databases on SIS servers. This section describes temporary databases used in courses, which will be removed after every academic year. For more permanent databases, contact Databases for students are created upon request from course lecturer, so contact your lecturer if you need database. Usually instructions how to get database are given at first lecture.

Once you have your database, you can use it by logging to SIS shell service and entering command psql. After that you should see psql command prompt, xy12345⇒ (xy12345 being your username). If you are for example using database with php and you need to set a password for your database, you can use command ALTER ROLE xy12345 WITH password 'replacewithyourpassword';. Address of database server is


SIS email services are supported only as legacy service. See staff section for instructions.

However, you can use alpine on to read email. Command is

/usr/bin/alpine -inbox-path={}INBOX -z

and there is also alias “uta-pine” done as a shortcut to this.

Home directory

Every user has own home directory in SIS servers for personal data. This home directory is common to all SIS servers, but different than your BUA's (basic user account) home directory. You can access your home directory through SIS shell server. By default, after login you are in your home directory and you can reach it later with command cd. If you need to know location of your home directory, use command pwd in your home directory or use system variable $HOME. With command quota you can see how much disk space you have consumed and how much you are still allowed to consume.

Staff members are also able to access home directory from Windows desktop.


SIS homepages are intended for study, teaching and research related activity. If you intention is to create personal homepages, please use service. More information at university intra fi | en.

You can create your own webpages at location by creating public_html directory in your home directory at school's shell server and setting desired content in that folder. When no file is specified, just the directory, server looks for file named as index.html (also index.php is possible).

Protecting your homepages with password

You can protect some directory from your homepages by creating .htaccess file into that directory. This is basic example for .htaccess file:

AuthType Basic
AuthName "Password Required"
AuthUserFile /home/<path to you homedirectory>/.htpasswd
Require valid-user 

Next you have to create file containing usernames and passwords to be used in protected page. This can be done using htpasswd command in server. Command asks you to provide password for the username.

htpasswd -c /home/<path to you homedirectory>/.htpasswd <username>

If you want to create multiple usernames repeat previous command without -c option.

Please note that this method doesn't provide security for really confidential documents or anyway encrypt connection. You must also use separate passwords because all data and username&password are transferred in clear text format.

Microsoft Imagine (ex DreamSpark)

Microsoft Imagine service is available to students and staff members of SIS. In order to use the service you need to have SIS user account. If you are a staff member, see instructions for staff. As a student use this login.

Service is provided to support students in their studies. However, we don't offer any support for this service or software provided through it. We do not send any of your personal information to 3rd parties - only randomly generated identifier. However service will ask you to provide your information and it is under your discretion what information you choose to provide. Please remember that it is not allowed to give any false information.

Imagine doesn't include Microsoft Office, but it is available for students through Office 365. For more information see university intra (in Finnish).

Shell service (SSH)

School's shell service (SSH) is available at address You can find lot of programs from the server. If something you need is missing, contact us by email to

The correct SSH fingerprints are as follows:

  • 2048-bit RSA hex 9a:43:4e:c2:23:07:12:f3:8a:c0:e5:2a:17:c4:5d:cf
  • 2048-bit RSA babble xudac-hegod-netod-hugot-nebal-nugyb-tykof-nypep-tofah-hysaf-baxux
  • 1024-bit DSA hex b2:4b:81:e9:e7:eb:e3:85:3d:ba:03:f6:53:74:07:a7
  • 1024-bit DSA babble ximab-fimah-mihof-hysuk-sosos-masud-lypac-dacoz-mazyt-mycek-dexix

Some tips and tricks (in Finnish) how to use shell services can be found from

Staff services

Instructions for SIS staff services are on separate page.

User accounts

Information about SIS user accounts is available at separate page. For information about Basic User Account see homepage of IT services.

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