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SIS user accounts

Your user name and password to SIS services are same as your basic user account (BUA). Before you can start to use SIS services your account has to be added to SIS services. Your password to SIS services can not be changed from SIS services. Instead you have to change your BUA's password through Nettikatti. If you have any problems with your SIS user account please contact

How to get SIS user account

In order to get SIS user account you have to have active basic user account. Then you must meet at least one of these requirements:

  • You are school's staff member (Account is created automatically once we get notified. You can also request for an account.)
  • You are school's primary student (Account is created when student attends to some course where account is needed or student request for an account.)
  • You are taking school's course where user account is needed (Course's teacher will request account for you.)

If you haven't got user account automatically even you should have, please contact If you are teacher and need to get user accounts to your course students, please use the same address.

Losing user account

You lose your user account if you doesn't anymore meet previous requirements. Reason can be some of the following:

  • You lose your bua (automatically denies logging in)
  • You are not anymore school's staff member
  • You are not anymore school's primary student
  • Course for which you have gotten the user account has ended
  • Misuse, violating usage rules or other forbidden activity
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